Go Unite


Our Tech

We at Go Unite propose a variety of tools to support our vision:

1st - We propose a robust database that manages templates for events where people come together and get things done.

2nd - We need the tools to gather community input on the effectiveness of volunteer projects and the templates for them.

3rd - A sleek, accessible app to act as a portal to these tools and the many more to come

Let's get to work!

Our Culture

Our vision is MUCH bigger than tech, we do need to admit.

In fact, our initial phases of Go Unite are completely involved in community building. This includes: volunteer days, message boards, and community leadership meetings.

Come join us!

Ways to get involved

We are constantly collecting insights into how our communities can become better and stronger. And the only way to make sure we are sharing the best information for the most people is to hear from YOU!

That can mean coming out to a volunteer day and providing feedback on how those can be more effective. It could mean coming to a meetup to discuss what your community needs are and how to meet them. Or it could mean creating a template for volunteers and mobilizing your friends to make change happen.

There are endless opportunities for you to help the people and places you care about with us. We want to be part of the team that makes the world a better place come help us find our place and yours on that team!